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Weigh Scales Workshop Equipment 258 Portable Beam Scales ›› Place the beams up to 2 metres apart ›› Both beams are fitted with a carry handle & adjustable feet ›› Functions include: ›› On/Off ›› Net/Gross ›› Tare ›› Print ›› Ideal for pallets, long loads, containers etc Indicator ›› Weights are clearly displayed in 7 x 20mm high digits which is backlit LCD for excellent viewing ›› Scales will display low battery when the unit requires recharging. The battery lasts approx. 15 hours of continuous use & is charged via the charger. The display turns itself off after 2 minutes Overall Size W x D x H mm Capacity Model Price 278 x 318 x 56 45kg x 100g & 100lbs x 0.2lbs GP45 £120.00 110kg x 200g & 250lbs x 0.5lbs GP110 £120.00 Overall Size mm Capacity Model Price 2 qty of 1200 x 100 Beams 2500kg / 5000lb 816965005628 £675.00 2 qty of 1200 x 100 Beams 5000kg / 10,000lb 816965005635 £720.00 Electronic Bench/Floor Scales ›› Accurate, easy to read display ›› Large 25.4mm backlit LCD display ›› Functions include: ›› On/Off ›› Zero ›› Tare ›› Auto shutdown feature turns off the weight display after 2 minutes of none use ›› Battery alert will display ‘LO’ when the battery is weak ›› This unit continues to display the weight after the item has been removed. Ideal for weighing oversized goods Information i IDEAL FOR PALLETS, CONTAINERS & STILLAGES ETC Calibration certificate available for electronic machines – this must be specified on your order and is subject to an additional charge