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23 Hi280 Shelving Shelving & Storage Hi280 Shelving Dexion HI280 Industrial Shelving is a boltless, heavy duty and versatile storage system for use in warehouses, workshops, archives or stores. With high load capacities, open and closed bay options and a wide range of accessories the HI280 is the clever solution that can be endlessly reconfigured, extended and adapted to suit changing requirements. Uses Can be installed as an independent manually operated storage system or as part of a larger fully automated system. Can be built as traditional shelving system, narrow- aisle, mobile or as a multi- tier system. Ideal for all small parts. Bays can be used to store Electrical Sensitive Devices (ESD) when placed in appropriate anti-static packaging and bays are grounded. Finish The finished product is made out of pre-galvanised steel to give it strength and durability. Specifications The core of the system is uprights and shelves using starter bays and extension bays. Hi280 is also available in: Heights: up to 3000mm. Widths: 900/1000/1290mm. Depths: 300/400/450/500/ 600/800mm. Standard starter and extension bay dimensions: 2100mm(h) x 1000mm(w) x 400, 500 or 600mm(d)