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Longspan Shelving Shelving & Storage Longspan Shelving 21 Stage 1 pick your frame and beam length, stage 2 pick your shelf material. • Can be assembled within minutes • Simple to customise • Medium and longspan bays can be combined in the same rack • Adjustable storage heights and configurations • Bolt-free lock-in to increase safety • Footplates for stability on uneven surfaces • Wide range of frame and beam sizes Uses Ideal for a wide range of big and bulky items and for archive storage. Can be configured for many different applications, from low level hand-loaded shelving to high-rise shelving serviced by powered order picking trucks. At home in either the warehouse or office environments. Finish Frames and beams are powder coated anthracite and grey white. Specifications Frames Heights: 2000mm-5000mm Depths: 450/600/750/900/1200mm Beams 60mm deep Standard duty beam: Lengths: 1000/1200/1500/ 1800/2000/2400mm 80mm deep Heavy duty beam: Lengths: 2000/2400/2700/3000mm Shelves Steel or 25mm chipboard. Loading Bay loads up to 4500kg and shelf loads 400kg - 900kg per level. 2. Shelf Prices 25mm Chipboard or Steel Decking 1. Longspan Bay Prices 4 Beam levels per Bay Height mm Width mm Depth mm Starter bay Extension bay Model Price Model Price 2000 2012 450 LS202045S £318.35 LS202045E £254.55 2000 2012 600 LS202060S £325.25 LS202060E £258.00 2000 2012 900 LS202090S £335.40 LS202090E £263.05 Width mm Depth mm Chipboard shelf Steel shelf Model Price Model Price 2012 450 03NP4004 £28.00 04850//Z020000 £45.35 2012 600 03NP4014 £40.90 04851//Z020000 £60.20 2012 900 03NP4044 £56.85 04854//Z020000 £90.25 Starter bay Extension bay