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207 Tintagel Cycle Shelter Overall Size H x D x W mm Off Centre Version (2160Hmm at rear & 2530Hmm at front) Centre Version Painted Unit Galvanised Unit Painted Unit Galvanised Unit Model Price Model Price Model Price Model Price 2530 x 2150 x 2000 SCTT2020FJXX £1499.13 SCTT2020FV £1499.13 SCTT2020NJXX £1499.13 SCTT2020NV £1499.13 2530 x 2150 x 3000 SCTT3020FJXX £1698.85 SCTT3020FV £1698.85 SCTT3020NJXX £1698.85 SCTT3020NV £1698.85 2530 x 2150 x 4000 SCTT4020FJXX £1898.90 SCTT4020FV £1898.90 SCTT4020NJXX £1898.90 SCTT4020NV £1898.90 2530 x 2150 x 5000 SCTT5020FJXX £2098.79 SCTT5020FV £2098.79 SCTT5020NJXX £2098.79 SCTT5020NV £2098.79 ›› Attractive yet simple modern design & has a tough, robust all weather construction ›› A unique design feature of the Tintagel is that the leg frames can be used as racks to provide additional cycle parking if required ›› Ideal for schools, colleges & workplaces ›› Easily accessed from both sides ›› Zinc coated with powder coated finish in a range of RAL colours - also available fully galvanised ›› Leg frames can either be bolted to the floor or grouted into the ground ›› Designed for use with the Cycle Racks shown on page 204 Double Width Version (2 off centre versions joined together) Centre Version Off Centre Version specify when ordering Red Green Blue Black COLOUR OPTIONS Grey Tintagel Cycle Shelter shown with a Cycle Rack Tintagel Cycle Shelter shown with Cycle Racks Shelters Site Safety & Premises manufactured