Roarsome Storage Ideas 2022

SMG10H SMG02L Description Overall Height mm Overall Length mm Mounting Plate Size mm Weight kg Model Price High Profile Guard 1065 1220 200 x 200 17 SMG10H £222.70 Low Profile Guard 230 1220 12 SMG02L £150.05 Safety Bollard 915 - 10 SMG09B £109.40 Corner Guard 610 610 12 SMG15C £211.20 £109.40 FROM ONLY Barriers, Traffic Management & Mirrors SMG02L In Use Standard Unit Extension Unit Modular Barrier System ›› These units provide isolation for drums & machinery offering protection to products & operators ››Manufactured from rectangular hollow section steel these units can be bolted together in a line or at right angles ››Pre-drilled base plates for fixing to the floor with 12mm bolts (not provided) ››Extension units are supplied with 2 joining bolts ››Finish: powder coated yellow manufactured 3 GUARANTEE YR 193 Description Length mm Height mm Model Price Standard 1000 1000 SB1000 £175.10 Extension 1000 1000 SE1000 £168.05 Standard 1500 1000 SB1500 £184.75 Extension 1500 1000 SE1500 £173.20 SMG09B Heavy Duty Safety Barriers / Machine Guards ›› Constructed from heavy duty 115mm diameter steel pipe, these units are ideal for work areas ›› Bases are pre-drilled with 22mm diameter holes for fixing to the floor (not supplied) ›› These units are powder coated yellow for high visibilty SMG15C