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155 Lower Value Orders May Incur a Handling Charge TUFF-T 4000 Work Lights Twin Fold Work Lights CompactCube - 90 0 Set Out Cross Line Laser LaserRange-Master Site Safety & Premises Description Model Price Work Light with High Capacity Rechargeable Battery T4000R £149.95 110v Work Light T4000H-110V £119.95 240v Work Light T4000H-240V £109.95 Power Tool Adapter T4000AD £35.95 Description Model Price 110v Folding Work Light TF3200-110V £69.95 110v Folding Work Light with 1500mm Tripod TF3200-110V-TRI £89.95 240v Folding Work Light TF3200-240V £69.95 240v Folding Work Light with 1500mm Tripod TF3200-240V-TRI £89.95 Rechargeable Folding Work Light TF1500R £69.95 Rechargeable Folding Work Light with 1500mm Tripod TF1500R-TRI £89.95 Description Model Price CompactCube - 900 Laser 036.150A £99.99 Description Model Price LaserRange-Master T3 - 30M range T3080.840A £69.99 LaserRange-Master T4 Pro with Bluetooth - 40M range T3080.850A £84.99 NEW NEW NEW NEW ›› PowerBright-Laser: Special high-performance laser diodes project extremely visible laser lines ›› This unit produces 3 very visible laser lines which make it outstanding for the alignment of tiles, wall studding, windows, doors, etc. ›› The 2 vertical lines are aligned at right angles ›› Automatic Level: automatic alignment by virtue of a magnetic pendulum system ›› Individually switchable laser lines ›› Additional slope mode to align angled surfaces. ›› Out-Of-Level: is indicated by optical signals when the unit is outside its self-levelling range ›› Transport lock: A pendulum lock protects unit during transport ›› Small, compact design – fits in any toolbox ›› Sturdy, ergonomically designed, rubberised casing ›› Point-precise measuring with laser to determine lengths exactly ›› The area & volume functions permit the acquisition of room sizes, for example to calculate material quantities ›› 360° inclination sensor for determining the horizontal & vertical distance ›› High measuring accuracy 30 or 40 M: ± 2 mm* ›› Inside measurement range: 0.2 M to 30 or 40 M ›› 3 selectable measurement reference points: front, tripod & rear ›› Continuous measuring function ›› Illuminated 3-line colour LCD with touch function ›› Stable, ergonomic housing ›› T4 incorporates bluetooth interface with a free downloadable app for measurement data transfer Work Lights & Laser Measurers TF3200-240V-TRI TF1500R-TRI T4 Bluetooth T3 T4000H-240V Utilise your Makita, Bosch, Hitachi or Panasonic power tool battery with our unique 4 in 1 adapter ›› High power 4000 lumen work lights available in Hybrid mains 110V & 240V or rechargeable versions, all of which can use the Li-ion battery or 4 in 1 Power Tool adapter ›› Colour temperature 6500K comparable to daylight ›› T4000R has runtimes of 4hrs 100%, 8hrs 50%, 16hrs 25% ›› Hook design handle with locking system for scaffolding etc ›› Adjustable base tripod mountable with built in magnets ›› IP65 Weatherproof with 2 year warranty ›› High power folding work lights with tough ABS case ›› 3200 lumen 110V & 240V versions with 50% or 100% output ›› Supplied with 3M cable & CEE or BS plug ›› 1500 lumen Li-ion rechargeable dimmable to 10% output giving up to 7.5hrs runtime ›› Supplied with USB charging lead ›› Anti glare diffused lens for shadow free light ›› Floor standing opens to 290° or tripod mountable