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Our services at a glance: Accurate visual inspection. The inspection is executed without any interruption of your working processes. The rack inspector controls (checks) the load capacity, the beams & frames and the safety guards. Official Report & inspection After inspection you get an official signed inspection report with recommendations concerning maintenance or further inspections. The benefits of a Dexion rack inspection: ›› Comprehensive professional inspection ›› Certified & experienced inspectors ›› No need for delays in regular activity ›› Detailed inspection report ›› Prevention of person or goods damage ›› Extending life span of facilities ›› Preserving value, cutting maintenance costs ›› Early risk discovery minimizes repair costs ›› Follow-up offer for replacement parts & fitting of these ›› No need for warehouse employee involvement Offer for maintenance In case of maintenance measures you get a non binding offer as well as our competent support until recovery time of your racking system. Long-term inspection plan We develop together with you, due to your needs, your inspection plan. Rack Inspections Keep your warehouse safe - By spotting early the details that cause damage In any warehouse there will be small changes throughout the year, caused by moving goods & knocks through the daily use. These minor adjustments can change the capacity of the racks & lead to incidents, causing damage to both man & material. Regular inspections will minimise the number & effect of these incidents, as it will be crucial to identify alterations at an early stage. Dexion’s rack inspectors are highly experienced & certified. They provide yearly inspections to keep your facilities safe & up to date. Every inspection is followed by an offer of suggested replacement parts including fitting. When fully approved, you receive an official plaque of approval for yet another year.