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Does your office create the right image for your business?

Every interior is unique. Its design has a direct impact on individuals and the success of any business. This makes it so important to source the most compatible products for function, use of space and appearance. Premier Storage & Office Solutions can provide the very best in Office Partitioning for any business looking to make a big impact.

We have the expertise to provide you with an unreservedly diverse and flexible range of office products. The tools, in fact, to create space dividing solutions to resolve your most challenging of areas.

Our range of demountable partitioning systems is designed to meet the needs of your business.  Whatever those needs may be, our Project Manager’s will work with you to design the ideal system to allow you to get the best from your people and your business.

The range has been refined to provide a quick fitting, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing solution to your office interiors.  We can combine solid walls with windows or, to give you the ultimate feeling of open space, we can offer you a glass frameless system; if this sounds good but you are worried about the need for privacy we can offer integral blinds with our glass systems or for those of you who can’t resist the latest gadget we offer the ultimate in new technology the fantastic ‘Switch Glass’ system.


Speak to one of our Project Managers who can discuss with you our full range which consists of office partitions, glass walls, glass office partitions, plasterboard office fit-outs, and an extended variety of vinyl finishes and doors.

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The Office Partitioning We Offer

Colourline and Silverline are non-load-bearing steel stud and track demountable partitioning systems, manufactured to BS5234. They are available in 75mm and 100mm thickness giving you sound reduction up to 50dB Rw and fire resistance up to 60 minutes.

The use of superior quality materials makes our systems less susceptible to wear and tear, reducing maintenance costs and improving the lifetime performance of your office. Its modular design and factory glazed windows make it quick to install, minimising the disruption to your business and negating the need for messy wet trades during installation.

In addition, it is easy to relocate so should your needs change any future layout reconfigurations are accommodated at less cost to your business.

The Infinity Glass system is frameless and relocatable, incorporating nebula-hesion joints, specially designed to give a smooth, clean look. As with other Apton products, it is a modular system that is tailor-made to your requirements and can be installed as smooth lines or curved forms.
All of our Apton partitionings provides solid and professional looking partition walls, suitable for your general office requirements. The more upmarket option is ideal for use in more prestigious locations such as boardrooms. But our product is also designed with value in mind and the system provides you with a number of significant benefits over cheaper alternatives.


Transform your office to create a professional environment with a range of pure colours:

Sleek, stylish and aesthetically pleasing. Colourline Office Partitioning is a high quality, cost-effective, relocatable partitioning system that comes in a choice of colours, allowing you to create just the right mood and tone for any part of your workplace.

With pre-hung, pre-glazed doors and windows, and pre-decorated panels, Colourline is exceptionally fast and simple to fit. There is little or no snagging and no wet trades are required on site.

Add a splash of colour and transform almost your workplace into a professional looking environment with Colourline.
Mint (Dulux) CD 2010-B70G

Colourline Colour Chart

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High tech finishes for the modern workspace:
Fashionable and sophisticated, Silverline Office Partitioning expresses a modern contemporary look. Choose from a stunning variety of metallic paint finishes with doors in a range of veneers that match any style you wish to create.

Silverline is supplied with powder coated aluminium joint trim and skirting or steel Omega joint trim. The PVC Omega inserts and flush skirting are available in the 14 standard solid colours which can be used to complement or contrast where appropriate.


Timberline is modular partitioning with a timber powder coated finish that’s virtually impossible to distinguish from solid oak. The window modules can be supplied as single or double glazed with integrated Venetian blinds. The timber doors can be supplied with a choice of door veneers and glazed door options.

Timberline partition modules are constructed from an inner framework of steel sections clad with undecorated or pre-decorated plasterboards. The glazed modules are steel framed and pre-manufactured in single or double glazed versions. The door modules are pre-manufactured steel frames complete with doors in different veneers. Door modules are 2.1m high as standard or alternatively full height with matching over panels.

Infinity Glass

A clear choice for the office of the future:
Cool, serene and crystal clear, Infinity Connect and Contour incorporate one of the most appealing joints available today. The nebula-hesion joint is the key to the superior aesthetic appeal of the Frameless Infinity Glass range. The unique symmetrical locking system, which is virtually unnoticeable, is friction fitted to create a striking finish.

The glass corners and junctions are mitred to provide a superior clean line detail that is both pleasing to the eye and functional.

The addition of glass decoration (manifestation) will bring even more style to your workplace environment.

Glass panels can be constructed in attractive smooth lines or pleasing curved forms to create a virtually seamless and alternative architecture. Infinity Glass relocatable partitioning is a flexible, modular system, tailor-made to your requirements to shape a visually stunning yet practical environment.

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Door Leaves

Standard veneers: Koto, Sapele, Crown Cut Ash, Steamed Beech, White Oak, and Maple.
These are generally stocked in single (2040x826mm), disabled access (2040x926mm), hospital (2040×826/297mm) and double door sets (2040×826/826mm), all are 44mm thick to suit our 75mm or 100mm NFR or up to F30 systems. These can be supplied pre-morticed and fitted with SAA finish hinges, lockset carcasses, intumescent/smoke seal (where F30 is required) and various sizes of vision panels. Other veneers, such as Cherry, are available to order – please ask for further information.

F60 (54mm) doors, full height doors and doors with overpanels are all available to order in the same veneers.

Bespoke Doors

Doors can also be supplied tailor made to suit your individual requirements, ie into a blockwork opening or where timber frames are being used.

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