This year we have increased our Education section significantly to bring a wider variety of products, with all the information you require detailed clearly. Library furniture has moved for 2019 and can now be found in the main storage section.

Returning for 2019 is the Express Range of chairs, tables and tray storage allowing you to acquire those urgently required items within 3 working days.

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Safe seating

Whether you require a chair, stool or bench the choices provided in the following pages will allow you to choose from plastics to fabrics, the correct size and suitable colour.

Tough tables

Available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours with differing heights for differing applications, such as classrooms or canteens. Choose from hardwearing tops, foldaway frames or ones that stack for ease of storage.

Suitable storage

In addition to the tray storage found in the Express Range section, from page 264 you will find a multitude of options, for example; how many trays you require, the size of trays, colours etc. Some even come with coloured tops!

Guide to furniture sizing

To assist with purchasing the correct size of the table in relation to the user, and the correct chair in relation to the table, we have provided the Sizemark guide.

All products sold over the following pages are in compliance with British and European Standards for “Chairs and tables for educational institutions” that were approved in 2007. The latest additions are:
BSEN 1729 part 1 – Functional dimensions
BSEN 1729 part 2 – Safety requirements and test methods

Whilst most existing school furniture will pass BS EN 1729 part 2, the fundamental changes to compliant furniture design are in BS EN 1729 part 1. This relates to the appropriate size, shape and ergonomic design of classroom furniture in maintaining good posture and reducing RSI and back pain in school children.

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To help you select furniture that complies to British and European standards, the Sizemark table indicates which fixed seat and table heights are suitable for the child’s age and size. To ensure you purchase the most accurate height furniture for the individual child in compliance with the standards, we recommend that you measure the Stature and Popliteal height of the child.
You can then match those measurements by following the table below:

Measurements Chart

Popliteal Height 

defines the correct seat height. The measurement is taken from the floor to the back of the knee when seated, with thighs horizontal and lower leg vertical with feet flat to the floor.


Is from floor to the top of the head.

Sitting Work Height

defines the correct table height. The measurement is determined by sitting elbow height, which is the distance from the floor to the underside of the elbow whilst sitting with the upper arm vertical and the lower arm horizontal.

Standing Work Height

defines the correct standing table height. The measurement is determined by standing elbow height, which is the distance from the floor to the underside of the elbow of a standing person with the upper arm vertical and lower arm horizontal.

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