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Premier Storage and Office Solutions provide a wide range of new Dexion pallet racking, double deep pallet racking, light-duty pallet racking, industrial pallet racking, adjustable pallet racking and warehouse pallet racking with other various racking systems available. We offer our racking products and services in South Yorkshire, Doncaster, Nottingham, Sheffield, Rotherham, Chesterfield, Hull, Mansfield, Huddersfield, Barnsley and Wakefield.

P90 Pallet Racking Yorkshire- Standard Wide Aisle

Still, the most common form of pallet racking storage: The standard pallet racking layout provides unrestricted access to all pallets. Pallets stored in wide aisle racking are not subject to any restrictions in layout and are freely accessible at all times.


Even in a state-of-the-art warehousing operation, the standard pallet racking system is still the most common form of pallet storage. In any number of industries, logistic companies appreciate the versatility of our pallet racking, which can be assembled as single or double depth racks. Available in heights of up to 30 meters and varying depths and widths, the Dexion P90 will perfectly fit into the space available and is suitable for all kinds of storage media – Euro, Chep, disposable or captive pallets, mesh boxes or bins. Pallets stored in wide aisle racking are not subject to any restrictions in layout but are freely accessible at all time.

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Pallet Racking Yorkshire- Narrow Aisle

Narrow Aisle pallet racking is the space-saving option if floor space is limited: maximum storage capacity, fast accessibility to every pallet and quick order-picking straight from the racking.

The main advantage of narrow-aisle pallet racking is the combination of fast order-picking and the best possible use of space. This compact construction is used in a wide variety of industries where warehousing space is limited. The variable height and depth of the shelving and height-adjustable supporting beams ensure maximum flexibility and the space-saving aisles can be worked either with man-down high-lift stackers or man-up order-picking stackers – for convenient pallet storage and retrieval or for fast order-picking straight from the pallet.

Specially designed Narrow Aisle trucks or cranes are required, to allow manoeuvring in the narrow aisles between racks. Handling equipment is often highly automated, and guide by wire or rail.

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Drive-In Racking

P90 Drive-in pallet racking is ideal for storing large quantities of the same type of goods: your existing space can be used up to 90% more effectively than with standard, conventional pallet storage systems.

Suitable for goods that can be stored on pallets behind or on top of each other, but ideal when greater access is required compared to block stacking. Pallets are stacked by the first-in, last-out (FILO) principle on supports mounted on both sides of the drive-in channels. This means that individual pallets cannot be accessed directly, but one by one from the front of the rack.

As a form of block stacking, drive-in racking systems significantly increase the storage density in a warehouse. Consequently, the existing space can be used up to 90% more effectively than with conventional pallet storage systems.

Drive-in racking eliminates the need for loading and picking aisles. The lift truck positions pallets on front-to-back rails, allowing rows to be stacked next to each other. Dexion drive-in racking provides a safe and efficient equivalent of block stacking for loads which are too fragile or unstable to be stacked on top of each other.

Drive-In racking is used where high-density storage is required. It is frequently used in facilities with a low number of product lines. Pallets are stored in a block system with two blocks generally served by one operating aisle. The trucks drive into the racking to load or retrieve pallets, which are stored on cantilevered rails running throughout the system. The first pallet in is the last one out unless a Drive-Through system is used whereby pallets can be loaded or retrieved from either side.


•    High-density storage – maximising cubic space
•    More pallets stored per cubic metre than any other storage system
•    Limited stock rotation – particularly suitable for seasonal goods
•    Ideal for cold and chill storage applications
•    Accessible by the First-In, Last-Out principle
•    Used for bulk goods of the same type

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Push Back Pallet Racking Yorkshire

Push Back racking is particularly suitable for bulk goods that can be stored on pallets according to the first in – last out (FILO) principle.

Special channels with wheeled conveyors sloping at approx 4degrees are integrated into one sub-frame of the P90 racking system. This system is sometimes known as dynamic pallet racking.

One after the other, up to ten pallets can be pushed into these channels and once a pallet is picked from the pick face, the rest roll forward automatically under a controlled speed. Individual pallets further back in the rack cannot be accessed directly.

Speedlock P90 Push Back racking can also be used to provide additional storage space in otherwise unusable areas such as above cross-aisles or around dock-levellers. When fully utilised, very high occupancy rates can be achieved, compared to drive-in racking or block-stacking.


  • Pallet storage on sloping wheel conveyors
  • Accessible by first in – last out (FILO) principle
  • Storage and removal from one side only
  • Up to 75% increase in storage capacity

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Pallet Racking Yorkshire – Pallet Flow

Pallet Flow is suitable for when there is a high rate of turnover and fast access to goods is required but utilises up to 60% less space than a conventional pallet racking warehouse.

The Pallet Flow racking system is mainly used when a limited range of palletised goods needs to be stored in large quantities using the first-in, first-out principle. At the on-load face, pallets are placed in storage lanes and automatically roll forward on sloping wheel conveyors under the force of gravity. Pallet speed down the lane is controlled by a series of brake rollers and when the pallets reach the retrieval face, they are brought to a controlled halt by a combined load separator and end stop unit.

This type of storage technology, which is frequently used in the drinks industry or as a buffer storage facility in the manufacturing industry, requires only two fork truck aisles, one for loading and one for retrieval.


  • Up to 60% less floor space than conventional pallet racking
  • First-in First-out (FIFO) operation provides automatic stock rotation
  • Dedicated load and retrieval faces mean only two fork truck aisles are required
  • The higher speed of operation within the warehouse

Dexion’s Pallet Flow racking offers a wide range of track, wheel and roller arrangements to suit most types and sizes of pallet. Guides, fitted at the on-load face, assist the forklift driver with pallet alignment.  An automatic braking system ensures that the pallet movement is always safely under control. Pallets travel smoothly on full width or twin-track rollers.  A separator is used to retain the queue of pallets while the bottom one on the picking face is being taken out in safety. Each installation is tailored to suit pallet size, weight and storage system requirement.

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Mobile Pallet Racking Yorkshire

Reduced costs for a new building or the possibility to better utilise existing storage space more efficiently,  MOVO, the mobile pallet racking solution from Dexion, is the optimal solution.


The electronically controlled MOVO heavy duty mobile racking system runs on embedded rails and can carry bay loads of up to 24 tons at racking heights of up to 12 metres.

When individual aisles open, state-of-the-art sensor technology and variable control options ensure ease of operation and absolutely safety.

Thanks to a wide variety of accessories, MOVO is suitable for any kind of warehoused goods and with a guaranteed operational safety at temperatures as low as -30° C it makes it ideal for use in cold storage rooms.


  • Maximum use of floor space –only one operating aisle
  • Save up to 40% of the space required by conventional pallet racking
  • Alternatively, increase your storage capacity by up to 80%
  • Good occupancy rates helping to reduce energy bills in cold stores
  • 100% individual pallet access
  • The modular design adapts to any requirement
  • Safety according to the European Directive 2006/42/EG and DIN EN 15095

The modular design of the MOVO system means that it is easy to design the most efficient and economic installation for any situation. Rails, bases and control system are chosen to give the best possible fit with your requirements and building.

In addition to the standard MOVO controls, there are a variety of optional control methods which can be used to speed up your operation or to ensure reliable stock control.

MOVO can be tailored to your control requirements, from the simple addition of radio control on the forklift to the full integration into your storage ERP-system network.

The difference is in the detail…

light control – only the open aisle is lit
commission mode –open preselected aisles
night position – improves air circulation
sprinkler position – a mode for fire protection
stock position – multiple aisles partially open for access
remote control – diagnostic and maintenance from experts

And everything for cold and normal temperature stores.

With more than 9000 installations worldwide DEXION has gained experience over many decades as a developer and producer of heavy mobile racking systems. Based on this experience we can design our MOVO – Mobile Pallet Racking systems in the most optimal way for the requirements of our customers. The below the summary of technical data shows the variety of applications possible.

Loads and Dimensions:

Bayloads:     depending upon the system, up to 24 tonnes

Total single carriage load:  up to 800 tonnes   (a project of this scale has been installed)

Trolley length: up to 90m

Rack Height:   up to 12m

Bay widths:     up to 5000mm

Control functions:

  • Lane travel
  • Radio control operation
  • Order picking mode
  • Automatic light triggering
  • Two different fire positions
  • A night position
  • A circulation mode
  • Sprinkler mode
  • WMS-automatic control
  • ERP-automatic control
  • Remote diagnostic


For each aisle way:

  • Longitudinal trolley light barrier
  • Forklift truck counting device
  • Acoustic pre-warning of movement
  • LED-flashing lights during movement
  • EMERGENCY-STOPS on each trolley

Across the system:

Across the front of the racking aisles, a light beam safety barrier can be installed with beams at three different heights.

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