What is it ?

What is HTC Twister™? – A perfect janitorial system

A daily floor cleaning/janitorial system

Twister™ is a patented revolutionary daily floor cleaning/janitorial system consisting of a floor pad prepared with billions of microscopic diamonds which clean and polish the floor mechanically. The Twister™ janitorial system can be used on most common floor surfaces such as terrazzo, ceramic tiles, linoleum, vinyl/plastic, natural stone and concrete.  No chemicals or periodic maintenance is needed; just add water in daily cleaning.

Effectively removes dirt

Compared to traditional chemical-based janitorial systems, where the chemicals are given a very short time to react with the dirt when using auto scrubbers, the Twister™ pad will effectively remove any dirt or grease mechanically during normal cleaning routines with the help of diamonds. No extra time or effort is needed.

HTC Twister™ is an ecologically friendly janitorial system which leaves a surface that is cleaned and at the same time polished without any requirement for chemicals or special competence. This creates a whole new standard for janitorial systems and demand within the contract cleaning industry as well as for buyers of cleaning services. HTC Twister™ – a brilliant janitorial system.

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