The results

HTC Twister™ The results

Independent tests regarding the results of Twisters™ ability to clean and polish show that the floor not only gets shiny but also becomes cleaner than before. Old and dull floors become clean and shiny and a “feeling of new” appears. Continuous daily use of the green Twister™ pad secures this result over time.

A test performed by the Swedish company Tekomo AB, where the dust cover value before and after cleaning was measured, shows that the green Twister™ pad in combination with only water has a better ability to clean than a traditional red pad and a neutral detergent.

The method used is DM Dustbuster


Because the diamonds in a Twister™ pad not only effectively clean a floor but at the same time polishes the floor surface in daily cleaning, the gloss is kept and gradually increased by daily or regular use of Twister™ as a cleaning method.


Several independent tests show that cleaning with Twister™ has a positive effect regarding the friction of the floor. This goes for natural stone floors as well as for plastic floors such as VCT and Vinyl.

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