The benefits of HTC Twister™

Outstanding quality
– clean floors with high gloss every day
    • High level of gloss
    • Extreme cleanliness
    • Easier maintenance
  • Unbelievable results

Environmental sustainability
– eco friendly cleaning, just add water
  • Totally environmentally friendly solution
  • Reduced chemical usage – only water needed in daily cleaning
  • No wax, polish or periodic maintenance is needed

Cost efficient
– faster, easier and cheaper cleaning
  • No chemicals needed
  • No periodic maintenance needed
  • Twister™ pad with long lifetime
  • Reduce your cleaning time

User friendly
– the same routine with better results
  • The Twister™ pads fit all types of machines and are available in a number of different sizes
  • Twister™ replaces your regular pads and chemicals.Your regular cleaning routine remains the same.
  • An effective method that saves time. One cleaning phase with Twister™ is enough, even on the most demanding surfaces!
  • Only one pad for the daily cleaning

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