How does it work?

Chemical free cleaning – How does Twister™ work?

The combination of a soft floor maintenance pad and the hardness and sharpness of a diamond creates a unique product that follows the structure of the floor surface and effectively removes dirt at the same time as it polishes the surface. This creates the possibility of chemical-free cleaning with high gloss every day.

Same routine – a better result

With Twister™, the same cleaning routines and machinery as before is used. Just change the traditional pads and chemicals to a Twister™ pad and water. An easy rule of thumb is that wherever a red pad and cleaning chemicals are used it can be replaced by a green Twister™ pad and water.

  • Investments in new cleaning machines are not necessary
  • The result says it all
  • Chemical free cleaning
  • Twister pads are available in sizes from 4” to 28” (10 – 71 cm)

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