Dexion: Thinking Inside The Box

Dexion Thinking Inside The BoxRecently Dexion have announced that they are going to try an new angle at helping people looking for pallet racking, they want to let people know how they can benefit by Thinking Inside The Box.

The 5 main aspects of this are to show people it is possible to Cut Costs, Reduce Inventory, Save Time, Save Space and last but by no means least Optimizing Your Warehouse

Throughout this blog we will be passing them tips to you to show you how you can cut your costs by thinking inside the box.

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So What Is Thinking Inside The Box?

The ability to think outside the box is not only an ideal in any industry; it is a prerequisite for good development of business. Although the ability to think outside the box is present, the daily tasks and operations can occupy valuable time and money, and through it limit such opportunities.

Through our knowledge of what currently exists in our customers´ boxes; namely construction and efficient management of goods handling and storing, we are contributing to better logistics, earnings and help save time.

The Five Reasons to think inside the box explained

Cutting Costs:

Dexion Cutting Costs

Think how great it would be to cut your costs simply by re-configuring
your warehouse.

Dexion racking, shelving and storage systems can help you save space and time, which in turn will lead to reduced costs and increased ROI. Through structured analysis utilising our simulation software and extensive experience of all storage requirements we can provide a better overview of your current and future stock, enabling you to reduce inventory whilst increasing service levels to you customers.

So, if you want to reduce your costs, why not see if we can optimise your storage efficiency or reduce your space requirements by looking at smarter warehouse solutions for you.

Reduce Inventory:

Dexion Reduce Inventory Thinking Inside The Box

Are you sure of your exact stock requirements for the next season? Do you know which items are redundant stock and which are the fast turnover items? We will help you find out.

One of the more efficient ways to lower inventory and thus warehousing costs is to think smarter within the warehouse space that you already have. We can provide storage solutions, experienced analysts and simulation tools that will provide you with a better overview of your current and future stock requirements, making it easier for you to predict demand and supply your customer’s orders more accurately.

So, let us help you improve the inventory in your warehouse and enable you to store more of the inventory you need and less of what you thought you needed.


Saving Space:

Dexion Saving Space Thinking Inside The Box

Save valuable space by rethinking your warehouse solution.

With our innovative storage solutions, you can store more in less space, while at the same time still enjoying fast access to your stored goods. Our warehouse experts and optimisation tools can consider and provide data on all the various options, allowing us to suggest the best storage solution for your needs.

So, before you expand your storage space, let us help you save space and improve efficiency by looking at alternative warehouse solutions for you.

Saving Time:

Dexion Saving Time Thinking Inside The Box

If you take the time to rethink your warehouse, we guarantee you will improve your picking rate and logistics flow.

Even better, if you have us do the thinking for you, then we’ll free up your time to run your business while still improving your processes. Correctly configured and optimised our racking, shelving and storage systems will provide an optimum balance between density of storage and fast access to your stored goods – leading to more efficient handling of orders.

So, if you wish to do more, then our analysis and storage optimisation will help you save time and make your warehouse processes even more efficient.

Optimising Warehouses:

Dexion Optimising Warehouses Thinking Inside The Box

Imagine that you could reduce your costs, save space and time, whilst also reducing your inventory, while still keeping safety as your first priority. Well, this is what our warehouse solutions can do for your business. Our storage systems, experienced analysts and warehouse simulation tool can greatly improve your warehouse efficiency. These tools will save you time and eventually increase your ROI, whilst providing you with an extra tool to maximise your supply chain efficiency. Our storage systems are adjustable not only for your current storage needs, but also for your future needs as well, reducing the need for further large investments in the years to come.

So, before you expand your storage space or buy a new warehouse, why not see if we can optimise your storage efficiency, simply by finding a smarter way?

Dexion Have also Created a video which explains all about thinking inside the box and it has a nice Christmas theme to keep up with the season, Enjoy!


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