Premier Storage Web Site Launch

As some of you may of noticed our Premier Storage shop site has changed quite a bit all of a sudden, this comes after months of hard graft from the guys and girls over at 2J Design who have helped us in every aspect of the redesign of our website.

We know there are still a few bugs and we appreciate all of your patience with us during this launch period!

If you do happen to run into any trouble on the site then please as ever don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01302 300200 and someone in the office will be happy to help you with your request.

We have designed it around the customer to try and make your visit to our website and smooth and enjoyable as it can possibly be, and to hopefully help you get through the purchasing process as fast as possible.

A couple of the things we have added are as follows,

  • A quick order option – This is essentially a way for someone who is reordering to do it with ease, you will simply type in your item code if there are any required options you will select them with ease and then go through the payment process, hopefully speeding up your purchase just that little bit.
  • Product Combinations – Before the redesign we used to have multiple products that were exactly the same as another other than a size difference, this made it hard to find the product you wanted and caused people to leave because it took so long, what we have done to solve this issue is merge these products into one product with selectable options so you our customer can see them all in one place with ease.

As a way of saying thank you to all of our old, current and potential new customers we will be doing a few different special offers over the next month or so just to give you a little back for helping us keep on our feet for all these years.

To take a look at our new site either click the image just below this text!

New site goes live.

Dexion will attend at the internet Retailing Expo 2014


Dexion ‘s clever storage solutions can next be seen at the internet Retailing Expo, on 26-27th March at the NEC.

The Internet Retailing show is aimed at progressive retail businesses and aiming to change the landscape of how retailers interact with the consumer through the multichannel shopping experience.

If you’re in the business of selling goods on line you’ll know the importance of correctly picking and sending out your goods efficiently and on time.

Our Storage systems aim to make that process easier, faster and with fewer mistakes, while also saving you space and thus money.

To discuss how we can help you store more in less space and pick the correct items why not visit our stand H49 at the show?

Dexion Joins the UKWA

Dexion 3 Peaks Challenge





Constructor Group UK Ltd, Trading as Dexion, has become a member of the United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA), widely recognised as the country’s leading trade organisation for warehousing and 3PL services, across its 650 member companies the UKWA covers around 2000 depots, inturn accounting for nearly 10 million square metres of warehousing space.

“We became associate members of UKWA to demonstrate our dedication to warehousing in the UK. Being a member of the UKWA shows that we are dedicated to the highest standards of service based on the best industry practices for the warehouse industry and that we operate to the very highest standards.” said Matt Grierson, Managing Director, Dexion UK. (Constructor Group UK Ltd.)

As part of its UKWA Associate membership, Dexion will aim to uphold and promote the association’s mission statement, which reads; “To protect the interests and represent the views of its member companies at the local, national and international level; to promote best practice in the logistics industry, and to support member companies in the development of their businesses.”

Tyre storage solutions from Dexion offer cost-effective flexibility as the economic recovery gets underway

With autumn 2013 showing signs of economic growth emerging in Europe, the automotive sector in general and tyre suppliers in particular are looking for ways to position themselves for growth while continuing to keep their cash-flow under tight control.


No business involved in the supply of tyres wants to miss out on the opportunities for increased sales that we all hope lie ahead, but increasing the range and number of tyres held in stock can be expensive. As relatively high volume, low value items, the storage and retrieval of tyres can account for a substantial part of a retailer’s profit margin, yet to not hold adequate stock may result in missed business.

Key to its success in this area is the fact that Dexion works closely with all its customers to understand their needs; in particular analysing their existing facilities before making any recommendations. It often finds that making better use of existing space can be more cost-effective than extending a building or moving to larger premises. Dexion’s compact storage solutions, i.e. mobile racking and mobile shelving, make the most of the space available while at the same time allowing fast and safe retrieval. Its solutions can even be designed to allow space for other activities, yielding additional value within a given space.

Flexibility is essential in uncertain times, and Dexion has many years’ experience in the design of storage systems that can be easily modified in both size and shape. This makes them ideal for businesses planning for future growth in either new or existing buildings, as well as for those that simply wish to be able to respond rapidly and cost-effectively to unexpected changes in the marketplace. A full range of accessories is also available for safe handling, and Dexion offers regularinspection and maintenance services to ensure that its installations remain safe and effective for years to come.

Storing tyres is similar to storing wine. If you store them cool, dry and out of the sunlight they will retain their quality for much longer,” smiles Harald Guldahl, CEO of Constructor Group. “Our efficient and durable systems offer businesses the opportunity to reap real cost savings over the product lifetimes, as well as provide their own customers with an enhanced level of service.”

To find out more, go to Tyre Storage Solutions.