£1/4 million turnkey project for Premier Storage.

Premier Storage and Office Solutions beat off stiff competition to land a prestigious project to redesign and build electrical giant CEFCO’s new distribution centre at Ten Pound Walk in Doncaster.

7000 breezeblocks went into the 70 mtr x 40 mtr warehouse and 2 storey office block which took just 4 months to complete, vastly increasing CEFCO’s pallet racking facilities and transforming the building with a ultra modern glass front.

Sticking to his policy of using local labour wherever possible, Mark Jepson, Premier Storage’s managing director brought in 15 different trades, from builders to carpet fitters to complete the project which included offices, kitchen areas and an impressive 22 mtr x 8 mtr board room.

Mark says “We have worked with CEFCO before and were really pleased that they were impressed enough with our work to award this project to us. We are now delighted that CEFCO has decided to expand the premises and we have been asked to complete similar work on the adjoining building. We have plans for future expansion and of course it is projects like this that will help us along the way.”

Dexion Warehouse efficiency

Optimising the warehouse for maximum warehouse efficiency

For all warehouses, especially those serving businesses where there is a fast turnover of goods, operating efficiently is important. An ideal warehouse at any given time should hold only the stock necessary to provide optimum cash flow to service ratio.

Getting an accurate picture

The first step to achieving maximum efficiency is ‘thinking inside the box’ to work out how the warehouse is being operated at the moment. This might sound simple, but perception can be different from reality. Warehousing processes may appear to work well on the surface, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be improved.

The good news is that there are software and expert help available to help organisations with optimising their warehouses, such as from Dexion and its C-WIS software suite. The ability to visualise what is going on in the warehouse using current data can help businesses see where they can continue to make improvements which if done correctly can save both time and money.

Location, location, location

Identifying which products are moving quickly and which aren’t can help to shape a more optimised warehouse. Though the difference in the amount of time spent getting to one area of a warehouse over another may seem minimal when considered in isolation, it can really add up when multiplied by the number of transactions each day. Location is important, and is one area where companies can start to make savings.

The right type of storage

Racking and shelving can go far beyond just being a static object to store stock on or in. Choosing the right type of system for each product can help to optimise the warehouse and improve processes. Traditional pallet racking is still a versatile option and remains useful in a wide range of applications. It’s configurable in a variety of ways and systems depending upon the goods stored.

However, looking at the types of stock in the warehouse and choosing the correct type of storage that best suits the item and location in question could make a huge improvement to warehouse operations. An example of poor storage is where an operative has to fish small individual items of stock out of bulk storage on pallets. This is time-consuming and could lead to stock discrepancies if not done carefully. In this instance, a vertical storage machine could not only help optimise picking times by providing central retrieval points but also save floor space.

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Premier Storage Puts Everything Under One Roof For St Leger Homes

Everything, including the kitchen sink – that is exactly what St Leger Homes wanted to house in its new depot at Shaw Lane Industrial Estate in Doncaster, and Doncaster’s Premier Storage has made that possible.


Merging the facilities of several depots into one 1820 square metre unit, St Leger Homes – DMBC’s Arm’s Length Management Organisation (ALMO) which manages 21,000 council homes – has created a fantastic administration and storage facility that is both efficient and cost effective with the help of Premier Storage.

Premier Storage won the contract, valued at over £100,000, beating off stiff competition on the way. Working with St Leger Homes from the very beginning, Premier Storage’s Managing Director, Mark Jepson was heavily involved with the contract.

He says “I am delighted that we won this piece of work and that St Leger Homes chose the Dexion system, for which we are the sole distributor in this area. St Leger Homes’ other depots had the same systems installed so they are quite used to it and know that it is secure, practical, reliable and that parts are easy to obtain. I designed the system for St Leger Homes and worked quite closely with them, so they know exactly who they are dealing with and who they need to talk to regarding the system’s maintenance etc. The build and installation went very smoothly, despite its complexity, taking only 7 weeks from placing the order to completion. It houses everything from kitchens to beds, and all of these things need to be quickly and easily accessible, so we used quite an array of storage systems including racking, cantilever, long span, normal shelving and a mezzanine floor. As usual, I sourced all of my labour locally – this time everyone was from Rossington – and was absolutely delighted with the results.”

Mark is now discussing further work with St Leger Homes including car park solutions, small part storage and labelling, so the relationship looks likely to flourish further.

St Leger Homes has established the new centralised depot as part of a move to achieve business efficiencies. The company manages around 21,000 properties on behalf of Doncaster Council and carries out more than 130,000 repairs, maintenance and gas servicing visits each year.

A time-lapse video of the full installation can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4u-PfqUEJ8

Mark can be contacted at Premier Storage through any of the below options:

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E:  [email protected]
Twitter: @palletracking
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