Drip tray

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Liz Cottingham

I need a square drip tray no more than 50cms square- can you help?

Hello Liz,

Many thanks for your question.

The only drip tray we supply which is close to 50cm is Small Flexi Drip Tray FTEM1.

Small Flexi Drip Tray (FTEM1)

Staci Jones

Drip trays

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Fiona Kilbane

Hi I am looking for a drip tray of only 45cm square as I have a planter 40 x 40cm also one of 32 x32cm which would need a tray of 35 x35 cm would you have anything suitable???

Hello Fiona,

Many thanks for your enquiry.

Sorry the smallest square drip tray we do is our DT45 which is 59 x 59 x 7cm. Or we do our Small Flexi Drip Tray FTEM1 which is 52 x 52 x 5cm, but it’s not rigid it’s designed to collapse if run over by plant hire.

Please let me know if you need anything more information.

Best regards
Large Square Drip Tray (DT45)
Small Flexi Drip Tray (FTEM1)

Staci Jones