Top 10 Warehouse Safety Hazards (& How to Stay Safe)

Warehouse safety

Warehouse safety is the biggest culprit for accidents in the workplace. These ten steps will help you take preventative measures and minimise the risks.

Warehouse Safety
Pallet racking danger

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Top 10 Warehouse Safety Hazards (& How to Stay Safe)

  1. Slips and trips

    These can be caused by improper footwear being worn, a messy warehouse, spillages not being immediately cleaned-up, and more. Keeping a tidy warehouse is the first step to help reduce slip-ups.

  2. Falls

    Improper use of ladders or equipment can lead to falls, so ensure all of your ladders are stable. Employees know how to operate any equipment that requires them to reach high places.

  3. Struck by a truck

    Having clear pedestrian lanes can reduce the number of accidents involving vehicles in your warehouse.

  4. Injury by manually handling equipment

    Sometimes a load is too heavy/awkwardly sized to be carried or moved safely, and when an employee tries, they can become seriously injured. So we think it is essential to have procedures in place for heavy or strange shaped objects. Therefore helping your employees not to be afraid to ask for help or input on what to do to move such objects to avoid accidents happening.

  5. Employees being insufficiently trained

    This could be training in operating the machinery or training in the day to day running of warehouse activities. Accidents happen more often when employees do not know what they are doing or have not been taught the proper safety measures that have been put in place.

  6. Failure to report possible safety hazards

    Make it clear to your employees that if they see a safety hazard, they will not be in trouble for reporting it. The important thing is to take swift action to fix/remove the potential risk to maintain employee safety.

  7. Failure to report ‘near misses’

    This is the same as above, often times employees do not want to report incidents for fear of getting into trouble. Make sure they know that near misses could be a result of not enough rules in place or improper training, and these need to be highlighted so they can be fixed.

  8. Lighting is insufficient to maintain safe and workable conditions

    Having proper lighting so your employees can see what they are doing is essential, so make certain areas that need to be well lit to ensure the smooth running of your warehouse.

  9. Stock does not project from a rack or shelf and does not accumulate in aisles

    Make sure that all your inventory is stored correctly on the shelves to avoid falling boxes or other objects. Clearing it off the floor to reduce trips that may occur. Adding more shelving or a better pallet racking system might be something you have to do to keep your stock and employees safe.

  10. All storage areas are not maintained at reasonable working temperatures (this obviously does not apply to cold stores)

    Where possible, there should be an area available near-by for employees to warm-up if a warehouse is cold. Accidents can happen when fingers are frozen, not to mention it is not safe for your employees if they do not have the proper gear and clothing to work in cold conditions. Unless your stock needs to be in cold storage, it is better for your employees, inventory and equipment to keep your warehouse at a reasonable temperature.

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