Organise your Warehouse with Our Cantilever Storage System

Our cantilever system is based on modular bays and fittings to help organise your warehouse and provide cost effective storage of long and awkward items.

  • Store long and heavy products safely
  • Improve stock accessibility. Ideal for timber, piping, steel, plastic etc
  • The arms are fitted with removable end stops for the ease of loading products on and off


The frames are available in 3 heights and two depths in both single and double sided configurations. Starter bay includes 16 arms and 3 uprights.

Each bay comes complete with 3 arms per frame and you can add or deduct the number of levels required. The arms can be fitted with end stops to secure any loose products from falling off. The arms are height adjustable in increment of 150mm with a load capacity per arm of 250kg. Knowing the available weights and sizes can help keep your warehouse organised with everything in it’s place.

The frames are spaced 1000mm apart with bolted on X brace, so you can easily work out your run using the starter and extension bay.

For help or more information, contact our expert team on 01302 300200. Shop the range on our website here.

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