Increase Your Warehouse Space with a Mezzanine Floor

mezzanine floorWarehouses can often be large and intimidating spaces. By adding a mezzanine floor you can add extra space for offices, storage, additional production areas and more.

They can be added to industrial or commercial space to make the most out of your warehouse or shop. A mezzanine floor can add as much as 50 percent to your existing space. It is a lower cost alternative than having to find another premise to use for your business needs and keeps everything within one building.

Knowing how much floor space you require will help determine your mezzanine floor layout. You will also need to know approximations of loads that the floor will need to handle to ensure the right supports and storage solutions can be added.

Our design team can help you come up with the best solution for your business. Premier Storage and Office Solutions provide mezzanine floors throughout the UK, we design mezzanine floors and supply warehouse mezzanine floors, platform mezzanine floors and provide mezzanine floor installation.

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