Why You Need a Racking Safety Inspection

We all have a duty to care for the safety of ourselves, our colleagues and members of the public. This duty is particularly important in the warehousing industry where everyone needs to be safety conscious.

You need a Racking Safety Inspection:

If you wish to ensure that your installation meets the requirements of the current health and safety regulations and the SEMA Codes and Guidelines.

approved racking safety inspection
  • If there is a high degree of activity in your warehouse, particularly where there is a risk of damage to your installation by mechanical handling equipment.
  • If there is a need to identify unsafe components in order to reduce the dangers of collapse.
  • If you have a concern about the possible risk of injury to personnel caused by continued use of damaged racking.
  • If you are interested in saving the hidden costs of an incident or collapse which could include: replacing materials and damaged goods, use of temporary storage facilities, general disruption, not forgetting the subsequent cost of any legal proceedings which may ensue.

Racking safety inspections should occur annually as a minimum, and possible more if damage is done and identified. You should also book a racking safety inspection if there are any changes to your warehouse and within 4-6 weeks after the racking being installed to make sure that everything is correct and nothing has shifted.

Racking safety inspections are from £500.00 per day. Call our inspection team on 01302 300200

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