Mezzanine Floor Lifts

mezzanine floor liftDo you have a mezzanine floor in your warehouse but don’t utilise it as it’s difficult to access? Or do you have to take stock up and down stairs?

You may benefit from a mezzanine floor lift. Easily shift and store stock or other items without having to carry them up and down stairs. Where you may have only stored certain things that were easy to move, with a floor lift you can move stock easily with trucks or trolleys and store it on your mezzanine level. No more weight or size limits. Simply press the lift button and meet your stock up on the mezzanine level.

As part of our range of manual handling solutions, the Premier Storage Solutions mezzanine lift, or Mezz Lift, offers operators a simple, safe and efficient way to handle loads up to 500kg between two or three floors, including ground level and mezzanine, in warehouses, stores, factories and workshops. It can be installed in virtually any location, indoors or out, where there is access to a standard 240V 20A power supply without any need to excavate a floor pit.

Installing a Mezz Lift helps employers comply with manual handling regulations and reduce the risk of injury to employees. It is an ideal goods lift alternative to other forms of load handling equipment such as lift trucks or conveyors and allows the entire handling process to be undertaken by a single person without any manual lifting.

All Mezz Lifts are designed, manufactured and  installed by Premier Storage Solutions to the precise requirements of the specific location and customer after a thorough site survey. Exacting quality assurance standards ensure safe, economical and reliable performance with long maintenance-free service intervals. The company provides a complete design, installation and training service of the goods lift with a nationwide network of engineers to minimise downtime and ensure the continued reliability of equipment. Its comprehensive after sales service and maintenance programme is also designed to provide complete peace of mind and help customers meet their statutory inspection and maintenance obligations.

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