Encourage People to Cycle to Work

Bike storage for business
Encourage people to cycle to work by installing bike racks outside your workplace. Biking is a great cardiovascular activity and can also help relieve stress, so it’s great to encourage employees to cycle to work.

With a growing number of cyclists on the roads, take advantage of potential customers by installing a bike rack for their chosen method of transportation outside your business, possibly leading them to chose you over nearby competitors.

If you have a dedicated bike rack zone, this keeps cyclists from chaining their bikes to other structures such as fences, trees, railings or other furnishings, which keeps these from getting damaged.

We have a range of different solutions on our website, including bike racks and shelters to keep your employees/customers bikes protected and to keep your outside space tidy. Use a connected structure if you have a lot of space, or individual bike racks can be configured to fit your available space. Shop our full range here.

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