Get the Right Spill Kits for Your Workplace

spill kitWe offer a wide variety of spill kits varying from spill trays to chemical spill kits all available online at competitive prices. We also have a great range of Oil Spill and General Spill Kits.

Stationary spill control kits placed in multiple locations around the site, factory, warehouse, plant, garage, farm or chemical site, can give optimal initial response should a spill or leak occur.

Alternatively, you can choose a portable solution which is a quick method of responding to a spill or leak. This way you can take the whole kit to specific areas for quick clean up.

Our chemical absorbent socks can be used on caustics, acids, solvents oils and fuels as well as many common fluids.

If you need help picking out a product that is right for you, or are unsure of anything just give us a call on 01302 300200.

spill kits

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