Avoid Accidents and Deaths in Your Warehouse

Warehouse accidents and even deaths are more common than they should be, and can often be prevented if safety precautions are put in place and equipment is properly checked. Take a look at this checklist to ensure your pallet racking is secure.

  • Is the racking fixed securely to the floor?
  • Is the racking erected on sound, level floors?
  • Is it installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions?
  • Are the aisles wide enough that mechanical handling equipment can be easily manoeuvred?
  • Are beam connector locks securely fixed at both ends of the beam?
  • Are the correct maximum load notices on display?
  • Are all racks in alignment?
  • Is there any obvious physical damage?
  • Is sufficient protective equipment in use?
  • Have you changed handling equipment since the original specification?


avoid accidents, Sema approved inspectorWe can carry out racking safety inspections, to ensure you everything is in top form and that your installation meets health and safety requirements.


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