Are You Making These 6 Warehouse Design Mistakes?


Your warehouse is the hub of your business, therefore it’s important for every day operations to run smoothly. Often times there are some areas that we could improve upon in our business to make sure it runs more efficiently. Are you guilty of making these top 6 warehouse design mistakes? If so, make sure you work at fixing them to get the most out of your warehouse.

Wrong lighting in the warehouse aisles – Having good bright lighting is key to your employees being able to go about their day to day business, alternatively,make sure lights aren’t too bright as to impact visibility as well.

Wrong forklift truck for the warehouse – Having the wrong size truck could be wasting aisle width, make sure you are utilising every bit you can.

Buying cheap second hand racking that is not fit for propose – Second hand racking that hasn’t been built or measured with your space in mind could be wasting precious space in your warehouse that you could be using to fill with more stock.

Using the same forklift truck inside the warehouse and the same truck for offloading / loading outside – If there is less crossover you can minimise accidents that may happen. Not to mention your forklift truck may need different tyres depending on the surface it will be used on.

Leaving large gaps above your pallets to the next storage level – Again, don’t waste the space you’ve got! Use every inch that you can for extra storage and to ensure your systems are secure.

You have no loading data on your racking telling your staff the loads it will take – This is very important so there are no accidents due to racking being overloaded and leading to falling stock and broken racking.

For a bespoke warehouse solution, our team can work with you to help you make the most of your space.

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