5 Ways to make your Warehouse Bigger for Almost Nothing


Do you feel like you need more space in your warehouse? We guarantee you’re not the only person to feel like this. Instead of planning a big extension, these tips will help you free up some much needed space with your current warehouse situation, for almost nothing!



Tidy it up – It may seem like a simple solution, and that’s because it is! Tidying up your warehouse and finding a place for everything can not only free up space but can also show you where you could move things around to maximise your storage.

Sell the slow moving stock – Get rid of all that stock that isn’t selling as often as others. Hold a big clearance sale and don’t re-stock it once it’s gone.

Get rid of all your dead pallets – While you are at it, clear out any waste that isn’t being used.

Look at the space above your stock, racking or shelving could you go higher? – Don’t waste the empty space above your racking or shelving, if you can safely add more storage then t’s an easy way to help make more space for your stock.

Call us to design you a better use of space for free РWe can visit your premises at a time to suit you and conduct a FREE Assessment which involves a free site survey and then assessment.  We will work closely with you to come up with the best storage solutions for your business and how to maximise your existing space.

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