Most Common Causes of Warehouse Deaths

Accidents in the workplace unfortunately make up a large number of fatalities, but having safety measures in place both inside and the outside vicinity of a warehouse can save on injuries or even death. While accidents happen, many times accidents due to negligence or improper knowledge could have been prevented.


The most common causes of deaths in warehouses are:

Forklift accidents – On average, there are 1,500 forklift truck accidents in the UK each year.  This can happen from people improperly using equipment, untrained operators, or workers unnecessarily being around forklifts while in operation.  A clear separation policy and speed limit can help to limit these accidents.

Crushed – People and vehicles should be segregated as far as possible to avoid accidents happening by crushing. People are also at risk of being crushed by falling stock or other heavy objects around the warehouse.

Fire – Fire can happen anywhere, but in a crowded warehouse with a lot of flammable stock it can be especially dangerous. It’s important to have clear fire safety equipment in the appropriate areas, as well as outlining all the quickest exit routes in the event of a fire.

Falling pallet boxes off the racking – Falling objects can cause serious head injuries or even death. Having a good solid pallet racking system in place, and ensuring people properly use equipment to remove objects can help cut down on the amount of injuries or fatalities due to falling objects.

We offer a Racking Inspection service to ensure your installation meets current safety requirements and to identify any potential hazards.

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