What your office space says about your business

silverline259Your office space conveys a number of messages to anyone who enters, be it employees, clients or customers. When deciding to either take up new office premises or refurbish your existing space, it’s important to take into consideration what message you want to say about your company.

Your Foyer/waiting area

As this is the first point that people enter while visiting your office, it’s important to make clients or customers feel welcome and to ensure the decor and furniture match the rest of the office space as well as the ethos of your company. You want a seamless transition between the entryway and the rest of your premises.

Your desk placement

Straying away from traditional desk placement by meeting with clients on a sofa or round table where they can choose their seat can be beneficial and make you come across as more approachable. Whoever is visiting you may find the whole meeting less intimidating this way rather than the standard desk situation where you are on opposite sides.

Your Decor/layout

The decor of your office should reflect your company’s culture and ethos. You can do this in the design by adding glass partitions to make the space seem more open if that helps employee productivity, or be dotting about tables and sofas for more informal meetings. Whatever you decide, it’s important to ensure the space is functional and practical yet also aesthetically pleasing to clients and customers who visit, as a professional appearance can help make a business deal.

At Premier storage we offer design services and full refurbishments to make sure your office says exactly what your business is about, combining beautiful design and practicality. Contact us today for your free assessment.




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