Volvo Truck Center in Vasa, Finland store over 6.000 items on 13 m²

The Volvo Truck Center in Vasa carries out the servicing and repair work for Volvo trucks and keeps their spare parts under control with help of the TORNADO lift machine. With this automated storage system the staff avoid unnecessary activity locating spare parts, as the Tornado Software TC2000 does all the work and keeps track of the components.

The total storage capacity of the machines is comparable with 500 meters of shelving, which requires significantly more space than the TORNADO, which only occupies 13 m².

In addition to the installation in Finland, Volvo has Constructor’s storage machines in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. In Volvo Sweden, WMS software is connected to Constructor storage machines, which gives the system new dimensions. The next step for Volvo is to connect the Vasa storage machines to the common software, allowing Volvo to archive within one common system, in all the Nordic countries.

Distinctive feature and benefits:

  • The spare parts are delivery to the user with a simple commands – the user don’t need to walk around and search for a spare parts.
  • With large tray (4000×820 mm) the user gets 20 % more items in front of him after every command – comparing to normally tray sizes that are used on the market.
  • With Constructor Remote Support Volvo can get support in minutes – if they need support or have questions about the TORNADO

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