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Each year, Winter in the UK seems to be getting significantly colder, or like this year significantly wetter, making road conditions increasingly treacherous, we are therefore seeing more and more motorists in the UK thinking about, or deciding to swap, to winter tyres.

With UK car insurance companies now recognising the good sense of car owners changing over to winter tyres and the benefits of winter tyres also becoming more widely known and understood, so more motorists are considering and choosing to buy a second set of tyres for these conditions.

However, most motorists are currently storing their own summer tyres in their sheds or garages, which of course does not provide the best conditions for tyre storage. The problem doesn’t then go away in the summer either, for a set of winter tyres will then also require storage and these, being made from a softer compound, makes correct storage conditions even more important.

For some time now it has been common practice across the rest of northern Europe to have two sets of tyres or even wheels. In these countries the use of “tyre hotels” has also become popular. A “Tyre hotel”, often operated by a tyre dealer/fitting company, will store the unused set of four tyres ready for the next season, sometimes even for free, receiving instead the business for rebalancing and fitting them back onto the vehicle at swap over time, which of course is twice a year and thus gaining the loyalty of the customer for replacement tyres as they become needed.

So “Tyre hotels” can offer the motorist a safe and easy storage method for their off-season tyres, never again having to handle a dirty tyre or lose valuable space in their garage/shed.

Having decided to offer this service a dealer/fitter will then require lots of space for tyre storage and traditional static racking would be inefficient. As the tyres only need to be accessed twice a year at swap over times, so clever storage systems can be employed to reduce the space required as much as possible. A number of mobile tyre racking systems, (racking set on mobile bases moving along rails set into the floor, that compress the racks and save space), are available. Utilizing the height available only the aisle for access is opened when required.

Significantly increasing the storage space compared to traditional methods, Mobile tyre racks are a greater investment, but are an inexpensive alternative to an otherwise expensive warehouse extension, and are ideal when floor space is limited or rates per m2are high. Mobile storage racking can also be used to create secure storage as the individual mobile units can be locked and access gained only with a key or electronic code.

Contact Dexion if you too wish to store more tyres or create a Tyre Hotel then we can supply the mobile tyre racks, assist you with layout and organize installation.

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