Dexion are a founding member of SEMA


The Storage Equipment Manufacturers’ association – SEMA, was formed back in the Sixties when a number of the industry’s manufacturers got together to improve standards and influence regulations governing the manufacturer and installation of storage systems. Over the past 45 years these have been updated and honed into the standards and codes of practice we see today.

Dexion was one of the founding members of SEMA and still upholds the values today.

The aims of SEMA are to:

  • Consider everything relevant to the Storage Equipment Industry.
  • Benefit the industry through the distribution of technical advice and information on trading opportunities.
  • Establish and publish technical standards for all types of storage equipment.
  • Represent the Storage Equipment Industry in discussions with UK Government departments and Local Authorities.

SEMA is a Member of the British Materials Handling Federation (BMHF) which in turn is a member of and actively influences the Federation Europeene De La Manutention(FEM) the European Handling Industries Federation which seeks to establish common policies, particularly technical, amongst national storage equipment associations.

  • Ensure that standards adopted by public and professional bodies are in accordance with the interests of the Industry.
  • Encourage co-operation between our individual members.

Every SEMA Member has achieved or is committed to achieving certification to BS EN ISO 9000 for quality and shown that they apply this when dealing with the design, manufacture and installation of the principal storage system products that they supply.

Benefits to the customer are:

  • Quality storage equipment products and systems that will meet their requirements.
  • Products are designed and tested to SEMA and/or FEM approved standards.
  • They will receive a high quality of product and consistent supply.
  • That the storage systems are designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with recognised safety standards.
  • Knowing that the storage products will be designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with standards that are subject to an independent assessment.

Over the years SEMA has introduced training and standards not just for the manufactured products but also to cover the installation, inspection and now distribution of these products. As well as manufacturers being members of SEMA it is now possible for installers, inspectors and even distributors to be members of SEMA, all passing certain qualifications or standard levels to qualify.

Storage Equipment Installers Registration Scheme SEIRS

A SEIRS registered installer must adhere to and abide by the SEMA installation guide and code of practice, attend regular training courses in order to hold a SEIRS registration card. In this way an end user of the storage system can rest assured that their system is being installed by a professional, who has passed the approved qualifications and will be installing the storage system in an approved manner. Adhering to the latest guidelines for health & Safety while doing so.


Once the storage system is fitted it is required under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 that the employ provides a safe place of work. To do this daily checks should be conducted by their own employees, reporting any damage, then regular checks by managers conducting inspections, possibly monthly and then annual checks by competent and qualified independent inspectors. Using a SEMA approved Inspector will ensure that the individual has achieved the required standard and to do so they must successfully complete a specially designed intensive course by SEMA, with a written examination and practical assessment. They are then required to show an on-going commitment to CPD for which inspectors are required to attain a prescribed number of points on an annual basis.


It is now also possible to buy your storage Systems not just from a SEMA manufacturer, but also a SEMA approved Distribution Company (SDC). Such a distributor will have demonstrated to SEMA a high level of commitment to safety standards, usually through recognized certification schemes, that they work to the industry codes of practice and undergo a random audit on an annual basis conducted by SEMA.

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