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Have you ever been in one of those meetings where the presenter scribbles notes on huge flip charts; tears the pages off as they fill up, and pins them around the room so you need to spin 360 degrees to see them?. Then, when it’s your turn to stand up and add your own notes; have you ever really wanted to just scribble all over the wall?

Well, the staff in the Finningley offices of Turbine Efficiency Group Ltd. can do exactly that, thanks to innovative thinking by Doncaster company, Premier Storage and Office Solutions, which has installed two 6mtr, floor to ceiling writing walls!

The installation is part of a redesign of around 130 square metres of Turbine Efficiency’s offices, carried out by Premier Storage, which included turning 2 offices into 3 on the first floor and creating a reception area with full height double glass doors, a meeting room/executive office and store room on the ground floor. Managing director of Premier Storage says “Turbine Efficiency wanted to make more efficient use of the space it had, and really wanted a proper reception area and storage facility; ready for future growth. It was also very keen that the new offices matched existing colours etc., and that the work was done within a tight timescale; of course we delivered! The managing director left his offices for a few days and returned to a completely new office. I’ve had some really good comments on this job – especially about the fantastic writing boards (which other businesses are now seriously considering) – but I think the best comment of all has to be “wow, it looks like it has always been here”. I’m proud of the design and the work we have done here and this is certainly a really good testament to both.”

Tara can be contacted at Premier Storage on 01302 300200 or [email protected].

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