Dexion New Light Duty Cantilever Racking

The new Cantilever racking from Dexion is the perfect solution for the safe storage of long lengths of lightweight goods in a compact and neat space.

Made from sturdy powder-coated steel, the Cantilever racking has removable end stops and is easy to extend.

The Cantilever allows horizontal space to be used efficiently and ergonomically while ensuring complete safety.

Every system is designed and manufactured according to individual needs and in line with European standards.

Store long lengths of timber, pipe, mouldings or other goods safely and easy to access with Dexion‘s light duty cantilever racking system.

Made from sturdy powder coated steel, Light Duty Cantilever is offered as single sided racks to go against a wall or double sided for central access front and back. The Light Duty Cantilever is especially designed for light merchandise, but which has great size.

Fully modular

This racking is fully modular, so you can add extra sections as you need them. Arms are height adjustable every 50mm and fix to the uprights with steel bolts. Optional steel end stops are also available to prevent items from rolling forward.

Chose your own colour

The system is can be delivered in either the standard blue colour, in other colours on demand or it can be hot-dipped galvanized for outside installations.

Available sizes:

Heights: 2000 and 2500 mm
Arm lengths: 500 and 700 mm
Maximum 5 arms per upright.

Maximum load:

  • Each arm arm will hold 200Kg
  • A pair of arms will hold 400Kg
  • Therefore 5 pairs of arms will hold 2000Kg on one side of a rack
  • Each additional arm will hold a further 200Kg, dependent upon arm spacings

The loads are calculated in accordance with the relevant standard FEM 10.2.09.

If you predict higher loads on the racking, please use our heavy cantilever system.

For other dimensions, please contact us.

Product Specs:

The uprights feature holes punched at a 50 mm pitch to give great flexibility in positioning the arms.

The arms are made up of 3mm steel with welded reinforcements. The arm‘s profile is optimized for safe and secure storage of the goods.

Removable stoppers at the end of each arm to anchor the pipes.

The foot is made of 3mm steel and is bolted to the upright.

The bracings are designed for maximum resilience.

The Benefits:

Dexion‘s light duty cantilever system offers the following unique advantages:

  • It is the ideal system for storing long products, with limited weight
  • It ensures ordered and safe storage of large goods
  • It offers the maximization of horizontal space
  • It is suitable both for interior and outside installations
  • There is no limitation in regards to the length of the stored products
  • The length of the arm and the distance between profiles can be adjusted depending on the weight of the load
  • It features a light design, suitable goods which have a low weight
  • The most recent software is used to ensure an efficient design
  • Quality management in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2000 implemented and certified by TUV RHEINLAND

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