Protecting your Pallet Racking

In this article you will learn the benefits of protecting your racking from things like how it being protected can save you money in the years to come, how it helps you meet the health & safety rules set by the government for warehouse racking and much more,

What is pallet racking protection?

Pallet racking protection is basically exactly what it sounds like, it comes in numerous different shapes and sizes from protection you attach to the leg of the racking to protection which is bolted to the floor, you will find at the end of this article a list of all the available racking protection solutions for Most Dexion Pallet Racking.

Do I need pallet racking protection?

No, pallet racking protection is not a must have however the benefits of having it are endless we see it happen all the time when someone accidentally knocks into some unprotected racking and they damage an upright to the point where it has to be replaced and in most cases it’s never cheap because as well as having to buy the new parts they in a lot of cases have to hire someone to come and fit it as well.

Below are a couple of videos showing the major benefits of having racking protection as well is the problems of not having it and not replacing racking after it being hit.

With and Without Racking Protection


Think you can leave damaged uprights? So did this guy guess he wasn’t very clever to do so…


The Benefits:

  • Easy to Install – It requires no skill what so ever many of the racking protection solutions simply just clip or attach to your upright so there is no worry of having to hire someone to fit them.
  • Easy to replace – Putting it on like mentioned takes neither skill nor does taking it off so there is no need to worry about it being awkward to replace or remove.
  • Affordable – We have some of the best racking protection prices around meaning there is no need to worry about huge bills turning up on your doorstep.
  • Doubles Upright Strength – Putting protection on your racking will quite literally double the strength this meaning it will take more than a hard knock to do any noticeable damage to your racking.
  • Rules & Regulations – Helps you meet the health & safety rules set by the government for warehouse racking

So have we convinced you that racking protection is the perfect solution for you?

If you’re still unsure then how about we consider the costs…

So let’s say you have spent thousands having your warehouse racked out with nice new racking and one clumsy worker comes along and knocks into one of the uprights! it happens we see it all the time, now after buying your new upright you will have added another few hundred pounds onto your bill! Bet you wish you had bought racking protection now don’t you because for a small cost you can assure the protection of your shiny new racking for years to come.

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Available Pallet Racking protection:

Protect-it Rack Protection

Probably the most economical way of protecting your uprights, easy to fit and replace, this ingenious design provides a simple way to improve safety.

Pallet Racking Upright Protector

Minimises impact damage to uprights. Supplied complete with fixings. Use external protectors at the ends of a rack and internal protectors on intermediate uprights.

Anti-Collapse mesh

A pallet racking mesh safety screen which helps prevent accidents whilst handling and storing goods, fits easily to the back of pallet racking preventing goods from falling onto protected areas.

Column Guards

Protects pallet racking uprights from damage. Supplied complete with heavy-duty floor fixings.

Tubular Rack End Protectors

Heavy duty protection for rack ends. These items are floor fixed with 8 heavy duty anchors, which are included.

  • Very strong due to tubular design.
  • Tube diameter: 89mm
  • Height: 400mm
  • Baseplate size: 200mm square
  • Made to suit overall frame widths: 450 – 3000mm

This component should be installed with a minimum of 65mm clearance between rack end and tubular body.

Frame Protector Kit

Protects end frames of pallet racking, particularly in high throughput warehouse operations. Supplied complete with heavy-duty floor fixings.

Sacrificial Leg Kit

Available for both MKIII and P90 Speedlock pallet racking, this system allows a quick and easy replacement of the most commonly damaged areas. Once fitted, the structural element carries all the load and the front upright becomes a simple cover. This can be replaced quickly and easily, by unskilled labour, without having to unload the rack, quickly repaying your investment.


If you would like a quote for some rack protection then please give us a call on 01302 300200 so we can work out prices for you, discounts may be available depending on order size.

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Don’t have Dexion pallet racking? No need to worry most racking systems out there today have a some form of protection so for give us a call or drop us an email and we will see if we can find you what you need.

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