Dexion Tornado Storage Machine

Dexion Tornado storage system is the latest in space saving warehouse storage, in comparison to your standard warehouse pallet racking system the Dexion Tornado storage system is well and truly supreme, in this blog we will be explaining how you can benefit from having a Dexion Tornado storage machine.

So how does it work?

First a product code is entered, either manually, with a bar-code reader or from a host system. The system then retrieves the required tray and brigs it to the operator, producing it at the optimal height for picking. The entire tray can even be taken out and transported to another work station.

Due to the system’s intelligent control the machine endeavours to locate the most active trays as close to the retrieval point as possible. This makes the Tornado system especially useful for seasonal products.



There are many benefits of having this system the main one being that you can fit more goods into the same space saving up to 70% of your used floor space, it can speed up picking efficiency by up to 65%, it can hold everything from small to heavy items so there is no worry about not getting your products on there and with the possibility of adding additional openings so you can reach products while on your mezzanine floor you can double up on picking efficiency, these are just a few of the many benefits of having the tornado storage machine if you wish to see the rest then be sure to look at the technical specs and the extended benefits listed below.

  • Fit more goods in the same space – up to a 70% increase in horizontal capacity.
  • Efficient picking – up to 65% reduction in picking times.
  • Suitable for handling small, large or heavy items.
  • Additional openings enable the use of tornado on different floor levels.
  • Ergonomic operation – automatic delivery of trays to an optimal working level.
  • Prevention of unauthorized use – reduction of losses.
  • Reduced picking errors.
  • Items remain clean and in order.
  • Easy and paperless order handling.
  • The Windows-based PC control system allows easy integration with many types of WMS.
  • The latest technology on the market.
  • Customisation to customer requirements.
  • Rapid and efficient support, guidance and service with Dexion remote support via the internet.
  • Dexion Tornado DT – the capacity of two machines with one pick opening.
  • Enables the efficient use of storage space.

Technical Information:

Tray width (inside measure) 1250 – 4250 mm
Tray depth (inside measure) 520, 620, 720, 820 and 1220 mm (special dimensions by request)
Load capacity 300kg to 600kg per tray
Loading height 850mm
Total Capacity 40 tonnes
Machine height max. 15 m
Electricity 400 VAC, 16 A
Control system – TC1100
Connection with ERP, WMS, robot

Available accessories:

  • Light position indicator
  • Light pointer
  • Confirmation strip
  • Bar-code reader and label printer
  • Batch picking and much more

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