HTC Twister ™ Diamond Floor Pads

No matter what kind of floor you have, HTC Twister has the solution for your floor. Whether it is an old floor you want to renovate, a concrete floor you want to polish or grind or just to find a way to maintain or clean your floor –  HTC Twister has the answer.

HTC Twister™ – the original diamond pad

This is our complete range of Twister™ pads and other accessories. For the retail industry, we recommend the pads in the Twister™ Retail series. For most other scenarios we recommend our pads in the Standard series.

Twister RedHTC Twister Pads

HTC Twister™ Red

For heavy duty cleaning of worn stone floors. Twister™ Red will effectively remove scratches and stains from the surface and leaves a clean, matt surface prepared for the subsequent Twister™ steps.

Twister WhiteHTC Twister Pads

HTC Twister™ White

Step 1 for the Standard or Intensive Twister™ method. Twister™ White will remove tiny scratches from the surface and leaves a silky matt, cleaned and well prepared surface for the subsequent Twister™ steps.

Twister YellowHTC Twister Pads

HTC Twister™ Yellow

Step 2 for the Standard or Intensive Twister™ method. This stage leaves a surface that is well prepared for the final step of the Twister™ method.

Twister GreenHTC Twister Pads

HTC Twister™ Green

Final step for the Standard or Intensive method and also for daily maintenance of the floor. This step will effectively maintain a high gloss on the surface when used regularly. Twister™ Green is ideal for use on all floor surfaces such as stone, vinyl and linoleum floors. For high-speed polishing of HTC Superfloor™, terrazzo and natural stone surfaces. Twister™ Green is also very effective in polishing polish-coated vinyl and linoleum floors.

Twister Utility PadsHTC Twister Pads

HTC Twister™ utility pads

The Utility Pads are manually used on a brush or handle to reach into corners and edges. The pads are 250 * 125 mm in size.

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